Ben Zenker


Work that results in the creation of a web based application.

A rudimentary build of the web application is available for testing.

It is free and open-source, meant to enable creators with easy access to a powerful tool directly in their web browser.

Here is an old version of the site to see how far it has come (this was when I was using Paper.js as a backbone).


From Asset Browser

The inspiration for this tool was to create our own version of Pond5 that would allow quicker and more meaningful search results than flipping thru files within our file server.

In its most basic form, this web tool allows a user to search the entire video assets directory at once, see thumbnails and playable videos of each asset, and gather assets into a collection to share them, or bring them into Nuke.

After its initial release, we added a browse view, which gave a visual representation of the file system. This was necessary because individuals didn't know what they could search for, so even with a good search algorithm, many queries would return zero results.

The third release included the collections page, which allowed the management of collections of assets created from a user's cart. This is useful when one individual finds assets for another and provides more context and information than sending an email of file paths.

Future releases will include an intelligent tagging workflow, in hopes that valuable tags will be used as the main identifier in our search algorithm. Additionally, we will catalog other types of assets such as images and 3D models, and allow them to be searched and displayed in the same manner.

The Molecule owns all of the assets in its library, which limits how much of the web app I can display. The few you see were made publically available after being licensed to Green Screen Animals.

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View the images below to get an idea of the Admin panel that is used to manage and update the data.

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