Ben Zenker

Cats Meow Side

May 2017 - May 2017

A real-time multiplayer shooter game with cats.


Create an account, choose your cat type, and battle away!


This game was inspired by the Cash Me Outside meme. Its purpose was to give employees of my company a fun activity to do on a break, allowing them to visually communicate with others. Adding real-time battle mechanics was a major technical challenge, but very rewarding, as it gave the game a purpose other than a chat room without text. Should I decide to continue this project, additional planned features are: Collect yarn balls, carpet-laid structures to climb on, and user achievements/powerups connected to these activities.


A Real-Time multiplayer game, built on the PhaserJS game engine, and utilizing Firebase for account management and data streaming. Serving static web assets with Heroku. I’ve also hooked the front page of the App to the GitHub issues for this project, such that as new public features are added, it alerts anyone visiting the site.