Ben Zenker


Work involving physical or digital organization methods.


From Asset Browser

As an OCD individual, whose main role at The Molecule was to manage the pipeline, I can tell you that nothing is every perfectly clean and organized. This is especially relevant to digital files that are being shared collaboratively with an entire company.

Organizing, renaming, and cleaning up The Molecule's video assets was a personal focus of mine. However, when we built the Asset Browser, it eliminated the need, as it no longer mattered how files were organized when a user can search the entire breadth of the collection in one query. Their folder structure will be even more insignificant once we implement valuable tags that describe the content, instead of ambiguous/poor folder and file names.

Regardless, here is the naming scheme we've employed for all new assets that we ingest into our library:

  • Folder name is restricted to: one noun or one adjective
    • First letter uppercase
    • No Vendor names, or Project names allowed
  • Subfolders continue until content can’t be described any further with a noun or adjective
  • Folder containing image sequence: Given two text names from the previous two parent folders, followed by a number
    • Underscores used for separation
    • Folder number uses 4 digits (ie. 0001)
  • Image Sequence Name: reflects parent folder name exactly, followed by frame number
    • First letter uppercase, frame number separated with a period
    • Frame number uses 5 digits (ie. 00001)

A simple example of a file named using this scheme /Animals/Cows/Walking/Cows_Walking_0001/Cows_Walking_0001.00000.exr