Ben Zenker


Work that results in the creation of a native or web mobile application.


From Derby Dashboard

Derby Dashboard is strictly a website, there is no mobile app connected to the data. However, we encourage users to save the website as an app and to subscribe to daily SMS alerts. The alerts give a brief rundown of the day's events, enabled thru AWS Simple Notification Service, and is protected with a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

The image above displays the messages sent during the 2019 event year.


From Broadcast Drone

Our custom-built Android app uses and builds upon many preexisting features made accessible by 3DR’s open-source SDK. The app was never submitted to the Google Play store, however, you could download the source code and install the application via Android Studio. You would also need a 3DR Drone to use the app.

Above is a screenshot of the app from a Galaxy tablet.